What to Wear | Engagement Session Special

I get lots of questions from clients on what to wear to their session. The basic rules are the same, no matter if you are a family of 5 or just one person, but I'd like to share a few tips unique to each type of session and some style boards for inspiration.

The rules of fashion can always be broken, but here's some tips that I've found to be helpful when choosing your engagement session outfits...

Dress comfortable. Don't wear those skin-tight jeans that you can't sit in or that dress that show off curves you don't want to highlight. You'll be miserable the whole time, potentially self conscious, and the photos will show it!

Wear clothes that is tailored well to you. Tailored means that it fits you well - not tight. Tailored can also mean that it highlights one of your favorite features. Baggy clothes can look wrinkled or even make you look big in photos. I love a maxi dress in summer shoots, but be sure there's some definition. In photos, clothing looses its depth and dimensionality and can look a little flat.

Dress on the same level of dressiness. Girls, if you want to wear that little black lacey number your guy should be in dress slacks and maybe even a tie. You don't want to look like your headed out for a night on the town and he's ready for the county fair!

Match the style of your location. If we'll be outdoors in a field at sunset - a boho or more casual look might be more suitable. If we'll be downtown - think urban fashion or something a little dressier.

Bring more than one outfit. This is a great idea because it gives you the opportunity to have casual and candid photos that you might want framed and hung in your home, and some shots in your Sunday best for Grandma!

Coordinate, but don't match. The biggest thing to remember here is don't wear the same colors (ex: black shirts and jeans) - it'll make you blend together too much. When coordinating colors - think complimentary colors. Matchy couples always look a little too posed.

Avoid bright white for outdoor sessions. Ok - so this is a tough one, since white can look great on a lot of people. In photos, sometimes white can wash people out or not stand out against the background. That said - if white is your color (I do love a pair of white jeans)- let me know and we can plan our locations so that they will lend themselves to that color.

Avoid very bright/busy all over patterns. A fun pattern is great when used subtly. Toned downed patterns also look great. When choosing patterns think - will this distract from me? You should be the focal point of the photos - not the clothes. Same applies to colors. Color looks fabulous in photos, but really bright colors used in large quantities can compete with your gorgeous face for attention.

Accessorize! Bring your favorite funky necklace, hat, sunglasses, or shoes. Accessories can really say a lot about you and provide some fun posing opportunities.

I hope these tips can provide some guidance in what can be a tough choice! When in doubt don't hesitate to contact me questions or even photos if the clothes you'd like to wear.

I'll also be sharing more style boards, so be sure to check back for some inspiration!

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