West Texas Road Trip Part 1 | Alpine Texas | Big Bend Photography

It’s been a CRAZY 2 months around here! Since mid-October it’s been one thing after another and bang - here we are - the first week of Advent! This week the insanity continues as we pack up our apartment for a move across town, but before I get busy with all of that, I wanted to share photos of our trip to West Texas. I have so many pics to share that I’ll splitting this up into two posts, so check back next week for the second part!

The first week of November, Tommy, Louis, Teresa (Tommy’s sister), and I piled into the car and drove 7 hours to Alpine, Texas, to do some hiking in Big Bend National Park. I’ve been looking forward to this trip since we found out we were moving to Texas. I’d seen photos of the area and I was just dieing to see the mountains and the desert of the Southwest, because I’ve never been any further west than the Dallas area.

The drive down to Alpine was so easy! It was a little boring at the end there, with long stretches of empty roads, absolutely no cell service and only one radio station, but we made it! We stayed in an adorable little cottage in Alpine, which I highly recommend and headed out to Big Bend the next day for a bit of hiking. The drive to the park was a bit long from Alpine, but it’s one of the closest civilized towns. Next time, we will plan a little further ahead and stay at the lodge in the park, so that we have more time for hiking.

We chose the Lost Mine Trail as the hike for the day, as it promised the great views and wasn’t too long. With Tommy carrying Louis on his back, we wanted to be sure that it wasn’t too long of a hike. The trail is uphill, but easy terrain. There was the possibility of seeing mountain lions, bears, and tarantulas, but we were lucky to not come across any of those! The weather was chilly and foggy when we started out, but occasionally the clouds would break a bit and we could see bits of mountains in the distance.

When we arrived at the peak the clouds started to break up enough for us to see the amazing views surrounding us. The terrain is just magical, especially with the light just peeking out from behind the clouds. It was hard to believe that this exists in the state that we now call home.

We’d hoped to hike the Santa Elena Canyon as well, but we didn’t give ourselves enough time for that day. But we will definitely be back. Hopefully in the spring, when the weather is warmer and clearer. This is a destination that I could return to time and time again! 

After Alpine, we headed to Marfa, but I’ll have to save that and those photos for another blog post!