The Busted Wheels | Deep South | Downtown Raleigh

This weekend my husband (his name is Tommy-since I don't mention him here very often) played his first gig in his new band as the bassist and singer. I decided to bring my camera along and take a stab at concert photography. Over the years he's been in a variety of bands, but I'm really digging the music style in this one. They're called The Busted Wheels and have a definite blues-y sound, with awesome covers from some of my favorites-White Stripes, The Black Keys and some classic Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Concert photography definitely posed some new challenges, like shooting in a dark bar with spotlights in all sorts of colors, not to mention that the guys move around so much it's hard to keep them from being a big blur. I had a blast shooting and I really can't wait for their next show so that I can bring my camera and take another stab at it.

Check out my favorites and let me know what you think...