Thanksgiving Vacay | Destin, Florida

I know this post is a little late, but I really wanted to share these photos, so here it goes...

For Thanksgiving, I met my parents in Destin, Florida, for a beach holiday. Growing up, we'd take long weekend trips to Pensacola (only 6 hours from where I grew up in Louisiana), so it was great to be back at the sugar white beaches and turquoise water-unbelievably gorgeous! I grew up thinking all beaches were like this and was so surprised the first time I was at a beach on the Atlantic.

So at this point your expecting some gorgeous photographs right? Well... The night we arrived I started to get a sore throat and woke up the next day pretty sick. I was sick the whole time. When I'm sick I don't like to do much other than read and lay around, so - I really didn't get many photos.

I forced myself to break my camera out a couple times and did manage to get a couple good shots, so here's just a bit of the gorgeous Florida sunset and a couple Instagram photos, because -no I wasn't too lazy to take pictures with my phone.

More photos next time. Promise!

beach destin

Dock Destin

sunset 2

Sunset Destin 3

Sunset Destin