Smoke Grenade Photo Session | Dallas Portrait Photography

So on Friday, I shared the first part of last Sunday’s evening adventures (you can see that post here). From the photos I share here, you’ll see why I wanted to split this up in two posts…

The first time I saw a smoke grenade shoot I knew I had to try it! I am a sucker for color and something a little edgier. Since we are in an apartment and I'm still pretty new to the Dallas area, finding a secluded spot was a little tough and it took me a while to bite the bullet, but oh, am I SO glad I did!

We had to warm up a little, before we launched the grenades, because they only last a minute or two, but once we finally decided to pull the plug (or the pin - haha), it was a color explosion. These were all taken with 5 minutes - not much time for posing or direction from me, but I think they turned out pretty awesome. I CANNOT wait to do this again!

Ethereal Creek Session | Dallas Portrait Photography

Getting clients lined up when you are new to a city takes a little time. I'm so happy to see my calendar for 2016 starting to get booked, but meanwhile, I'm focusing on growing creatively and trying out some new things. I'm also incredibly lucky to have sister-in-laws who love to be both in front of, and behind the camera, so we headed out Sunday evening to find some nice light and do a little experimenting. 

This little photo session turned out phenomenal. I mean, THE LIGHT. And then, THE COLOR. You'll see what I mean in a minute.

Our intentions for shooting were to have a little fun experimenting with smoke grenades and we did do that, but first we wanted to warm up a little bit, because the smoke only lasts a minute or two, so while we were down in this beautiful spot Mary did some posing and the results are breathtaking. Definitely my favorite portraits to date. I just can’t get over this light.

I'm dividing this session up into two blog posts, because I have so many photos to share and because the first half was so light and bohemian and the second was a little more moody and, well, colorful. So, stay turned for more awesomeness from this session next week!