Shenandoah Valley Birthday Trip

For Tommy's birthday this year, we decided to plan a little three day weekend. We wanted to get out of town and be in nature for a change. I found an adorable little "cabin" in the Shenadoah Valley and we headed down that way Friday morning. The drive was easy and just gorgeous once we got into Virginia. Our cabin had a view of the mountains and a little firepit, so we made a little fire and enjoyed the late fall day. The weather on Saturday ended up being a bust, but we decided to drive into Shenandoah Park anyway. I'm so grateful that we did. The drive is just spectacular! You can drive for hours on this windy road through the park, with spots to park and get out to take in the views. There is also excellent hiking all through the park, but unfortunately the weather was rainy and very cold, so we couldn't hike with Louis. We definitely plan on going back though. The drive got very interesting for a while, because as we got higher the clouds got thicker and soon we were driving through clouds and couldn't see 25 feet in front of us. It was surreal and a little terrifying, so we turned around and headed back down.

We spent the afternoon in Luray Caverns, which is a pretty fun and a very cool tourist attraction. Louis was quite impressed and spent the entire time saying "wow" and pointing.

Sunday morning the weather cleared, so we drove back into the park, to take in some of the sights we missed. The views were amazing and we even saw a little snow once we got to the higher elevations.