Mirabel's One Year Photos | Brooklyn Bridge Park Photography

Come November the weather in NYC can get unpredictable. I've heard of snow on Halloween before, but haven't experience it yet. It was down right cold when I meet up with Mirabel and her mom and dad at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. But a little cold isn't going to stop New Yorkers - so we bundled up and shot away! Mirabel's mom and dad specifically requested to meet at Jane's Carousel, because they wanted the photos in this amazing location and they thought that Mirabel would have a great time riding the carousel. They were absolutely right! I love how she starts out a little astonished and her expression changes to sheer joy. At the end of winter, I'm so sick of the cold, but I love how these photos really look like NYC in the late fall - chilly and gray, but you can always find a spot to warm up.