Miami Beach Trip | Travel Photography

Last week Louis and I had the opportunity to tag along with Tommy on a work trip to Miami. He was going to a conference, so we left a few days earlier and made some time for the beach together as a family before he was busy networking & attending classes all day. 

Though I'm no stranger to Florida beaches, this was my first trip to Miami Beach and it was so different than any other Florida beach I've been too! This is no laid back, beach town. This is party. All day. Every day. 

Since we brought Louis along there wasn't too much party for us, which is ok with me. We were the first ones up in the hotel, so we had the beach & pool to ourselves. We stayed at the famous Fountainebleau Hotel, which was where Sintra & Elvis hung out, back in the day. The scene is definitely different from back then - more live DJ, less big band, but the hotel is as beautiful as it once was. It felt so decadent to stay in such a luxurious hotel, with marble lobbies and fluffy white bathrobes. It's not the typical vacation destination that we'd chose to go to with our toddler, but I'm glad we were able to experience it as a family.  

All in all it was a great trip, we had lots of beach time, pool time, and some Cuban food, which were all the goals I had for the trip. I didn't use my camera much since I was on solo Louis duty much of the time, but I did take it along on one of our walks and captured some shots. As you might notice, Louis has learned to "smile" for the camera. Melting my little mama-photographer heart! I'm so happy to have family photos at the beach. It is my favorite place and I can not wait to take Louis again!