Louis at 3 months (better late than never)

These are a little late, because Louis is actually 4 months today, but hey - we’ve been busy. Tomorrow we’ll be taking some 4 month photos, but for now - here’s 3 months…

Louis’s third month has been filled with changes. He’s so much fun when he’s awake - putting anything he can get his hands on into his mouth and laughing at everything from his Mom and Dad to random light fixtures. He loves this one light right above my desk and makes shy smiles and “talks” to it all the time. So weird. We started out the month with 5 or 6 hours of sleep at night, but now we are down to 2 hour chunks - rough stuff. I’m hoping this is a phase and he’ll be out of it before I know it. Meanwhile, I’m drifting through the days in a bit of a fog and spending more time in my pjs than I’d like.

When we get out of the house, he’s quite a charmer with the ladies. He’s had his cheeks pinched and been greeted with “God bless him” by every Italian lady in our neighborhood. Of course he loves it. He also loves the subway, but can only stand being out and about for 2 hours max - I guess that’s his threshold of overstimulation. He just can’t turn off his curiosity, so sometimes our trips end with a freakout on the subway home. At least its not as awkward as the crazy guy talking to himself or the couple having the very loud argument across from me, right?

Well here’s what our little drool-monster is looking like these days...