Lizzie & James | White Rock Lake Engagement Session | Dallas Photographer

Lizzie and James braved some pretty frigid December temps to make this engagement session happen, but you wouldn’t know it was 28 degrees when you look at these pictures. Perhaps the best part about being out in the cold is that we had each location all to ourselves. White Rock Lake was completely empty and quiet except for the wind. Lizzie and James stayed warm between shots by wrapping up in their coats and eventually snuggling up in a warm blanket.

When we met to talk about their session, they were torn between a more urban shoot and something more natural, so I suggested - why not do both! In a short drive we were down in Deep Ellum to warm up inside and grab a beer. Being a cold Sunday afternoon, we just about had the bar to ourselves and Lizzie and James were able to enjoy a drink while we wrapped up our engagement session. The sunset was rosy over downtown Dallas and as the street lights came on we wrapped up and headed to our warm and cozy homes. I absolutely can’t wait for their wedding in July!