Lily's One Year Photo Session | DUMBO Family Photography

DUMBO has to be one of my favorite places to bring visitors in New York City. If it didn't have a tendency to get crowded, it would be my favorite place to come just to hang out every weekend. The first time I ever came here I remember the feeling of awe seeing the massive skyline and the towering Brooklyn Bridge. It is such an iconic NYC view. That's why I was so excited when Lily's parents picked this location for their photo session to celebrate her one year birthday. The skyline and the bridge are beautiful, but the cobblestone side streets, the brick warehouse building, and the fun murals are a photographer's dream!

We meet up on a Sunday afternoon in October and had a blast walking all over the DUMBO. There is so much to explore and we had a variety of backdrops to create a large assortment of very different photos. Lily was so patient - it's so hard for a one year old to be toted around and asked to sit still, especially when they are finally able to walk and just want to use all that mobility to explore. Fortunately, there is so much for a one year old to explore and observe in DUMBO that I don't think she was ever bored and I loved being able to capture her reactions.

My top priority at a family photo session is to photograph what a family is like at that particular time in their life - all the milestones and the memories and, of course, a physical location. Taking photos in such an iconic area of your home town is such a great way to remember that time in your life. I know I may not be a lifetime New Yorker, but I'm so happy that I have photos of my family exploring the my favorite parts of NYC and I'm so happy to have given Lily's parents a photo session that will commentate the years they lived in Brooklyn!