Duffy Family Portraits in Salvo

photocrati galleryphotocrati galleryFinally - I have a functional computer! It's been a long couple of weeks, but I finally have a new computer and everything is up and running. I never would have guessed that a computer could have taken so long to get set up, but it was totally worth it. Lightroom and Photoshop are lightning fast and I can actually listen to music while I work - fabulous! Now that everything is getting back to normal, I'm catching up on some old blog posts and getting to some new ones. Here are a few images from a quick impromptu family portrait session that I took with my friends John and Val and their amazing kids in the Outer Banks. We had lots of fun hanging out on the beach at sunset - Lily showed me her princess smile and Garrett ate a lot of sand (and I mean a lot!).Here are a couple of other random shots of Garrett. I just had to share these because his little expressions are so freaking adorable!