Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Cherry Blossoms | Brooklyn, NY

Today, I took a trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, since Tuesdays are free entrance days. The cherry blossoms are supposed to be blooming any day now, so I’d hoped to catch some since I missed most of the blooms in DC a few weeks ago. Once again, I was too early for the big show. The bulk of the trees didn’t even look very close to blooming.

There were a few tree blooming and hoards of visitors. I snapped a few photos and let Louis sit in the grass (for the first time ever). I didn’t really get a chance to dig in and get creative since there were so many people there and I had Louis with me. I did do a little experimenting with freelensing. It created dreamy, blurry images. I love the look and hope to try it out again soon. Cherry blossoms are so easy to photograph and the mood of the shot can be manipulated with just a few tweaks in post-processing. I had a little fun trying out some different lo0ks in post, as well. I can't wait for all the trees to bloom, so I can head back over there and shot some more!





IMG_0969 Untitled-1