Arrival of Louis Richard Fougerousse | Newborn Session

Saturday, August 10th, I woke up thinking it would be just like any other Saturday of my pregnancy - go to the pool, eat some ice cream and wait around for this baby to come. But on my way back to bed at 8AM my water broke. Two very short hours later, we were on our way to the hospital and the contractions were already starting to get surprisingly intense. Within five hours the contractions went from nonexistent to one minute apart. Those dreams of an epidural-free birth went out of the window pretty fast because by 11:30 I was begging for relief. At 2 o'clock - only an hour after receiving that sweet, sweet relief that is the epidural - it was already time to start pushing! I never dreamed that things would move so fast. In hindsight, it was a good thing that we left for the hospital when we did rather than stay at home until contractions were closer together. At 4:23 - after only 8 hours of labor Louis arrived!

Before labor, I thought that I'd really beat myself up about giving into pain relief. After spending months prepping for dealing with the pain of labor I really thought that I'd be disappointed, but as soon as I saw that little guy - I could care less about the medicine. He was healthy and beautiful - more beautiful that I ever could have imagined. I'm not a sappy person. It takes a lot to make me cry (usually a lot of hormones and a sappy movie) but I cried when I saw him - I wanted to weep out of joy. Maybe it was the pain meds and the insane experience of childbirth, but the feelings of relief and joy were so intense.

The first three weeks have been no shortage of emotions. I know people and books talk about how tough newborns can be, but it's hard to understand what that really means if you haven’t been around a lot of babies. For me, it's been a huge adjustment to find myself as the sole source of someone's nourishment and comfort. I spend 80% of my day holding him - which has limited my productivity. I'm not much of a couch person and spending much of my days nursing and holding him have been something to get used to. I’m accepting it as a good lesson for me to take it slower and stop to experience life a little more often. I’m spending more time just sitting and looking at this little person that grew in me and trying to absorb everything it means to now be a mother. Thankfully, I married the most amazing man in the world - who's been cooking and cleaning for us every night, coming home for lunch to give me a little break, and taking some of the late night diaper changes. His sacrifices keep me pushing forward when the days of almost constant nursing and nurturing get to be too long.

Everyday I'm learning to slow down, take it easier, and that my life no longer revolves around my own wants and whims (a little self-sacrifice never hurt anyone). I'm sure this news comes as no surprise to all the mothers out there, but now that I join your ranks , I can see with new appreciation how important and demanding your job is.

To go along with this really long post - of course I have lots of photos of Louis. And now without further ado, introducing… Louis Richard Fougerousse...










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