4 Week Countdown | Adventures in Preganancy

We are counting down the days until Baby Fouge's arrival and now - only a month away - I'm finally willing to go a little outside my comfort zone and blog about it. I've been a little reluctant to share something so personal on my blog, but photography is pretty personal, so here goes the personal stuff...

This whole pregnancy thing really started three years ago when Tommy and I decided that we were "ready" for a family. "Ready," of course, being the word to note in that statement. We quickly learned that thinking you're ready for something doesn't make it the right time. In the 3 years we spent waiting to get pregnant, we grew so much - made amazing friends, lived in an awesome downtown Raleigh apartment and I finally found a passion I could make a career - my own photography business. Despite all the amazing adventures we had, there were a lot of times we questioned what our true calling as a married couple was. Looking back now it's so clear that we needed that time without the commitment of a family. Because of that time, not only are we are stronger couple with wonderful people in our lives, but we are more financially able to take big risks for our family.

It also became clear to me recently that this waiting was an opportunity for me to grow personally. Just as an example... I'm a major planner. It kills me when things don't go as planned. Naturally, not getting pregnant immediately, threw a wrench in all my plans. It wasn't just the when but also the question - will we be the people without kids or will this happen? It was the personal identity. Let's just say, I've learned a lot about being more patient and just being willing to except the unknown. Also in trusting. Trusting that God had the perfect plan in place and trusting in the love of my marriage. I still have a lot to learn, but I think I'll still have plenty of opportunities after this little guy arrives.

Pregnancy, itself, has certainly been an opportunity for growth. I can't say it is all terrible or that I've even had it that rough, but I am sacrificing  my body to grow a little person (that's pretty crazy, right?).  To remember it a little better we had a little photo session. I played the model while Tommy was behind the lens. It was a lot harder than I remember it being, but it gave me a little opportunity to be in the shoes of my clients for a change. What do you think of his skills behind the camera? Not too bad, right?



So, here's to a new adventure. You can definitely plan on seeing and hearing more about me and the Fouge family adventures. Check back often or sign up to receive notifications about my blog posts. I can't wait to share with you what this next year brings!