Celebrating Louis's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated a big milestone this week - Louis's two year birthday! Of course, we had a little party, there were presents and cake and family and lots of love, but much like last year Louis's birthday is also a reminder of the insanity of the last two years of our life.


Two years ago, we were living in a townhouse in Raleigh, North Carolina. Tommy worked 5 minutes away and I knew every inch of my neighborhood. A mere two months later and a 9 drive hour north, we moved into a one bedroom Brooklyn apartment with views of Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

New parents and a move to a totally new place - not stressful at all - right? 
We struggled with parenting and budgeting and being lonely, but we survived. New York humbled us but allowed us to be the adventures we loved to be.

Without New York we would have never ended up in Dallas. It took the challenges of that experience for us to seek shelter in family and a city that's affordable. 
Two years changed us a lot. It's funny to look back at this photo of us,

because we had NO idea what was in store for us. Not in our wildest dreams did we imagine leaving Raleigh and ending up in NYC. But looking back, it's easy to see why we've gone through it all. Between the new motherhood, the isolation, the moving both Tommy and I have grown tremendously. The call to be more selfless, to be more trusting in God was so obvious in the challenges of the past two years. I only hope that I've started to grow as much as I've been asked to.