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Hi! I’m Rebecca! I’m a fine art wedding and lifestyle photographer. I’m passionate about capturing the moments of emotions that are so fleeting in your story.

I love to get to know the couples and families I work with so that I can create fun, emotional, real images for my clients. Images that truly capture this moment in their life and every detail that goes along with it.

On the day that I was married I began to truly realize the importance of capturing the  fleetingness of each moment. Becoming a wife and then a mother brought so much growth and change and so many wonderful adventures to my life, but the changes were so frequent and sometimes so subtle that I found them hard to hold on to. But pouring over photos of my wedding day remind me of the rush of love for my husband and all my family and friends, and of the excitement of starting a new life with my husband in the same way that pictures of my son as a newborn remind me of how tiny he was and how it felt to hold that new little life.  

This is why capturing life moments has become so important to me. For me, tapping into my years of training in fine art painting and into the relationships that I have with my clients, allows me to transform moments into works of art. To transport you back into that moment and all the emotions you experienced and to preserve that forever and for generations to come.


Hearing my client’s stories and photographing them has been the most rewarding and humbling experiences of my life. I can’t wait to grab a cup of coffee or a cocktail and hear yours.